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This section includes links to resources I find myself referencing frequently, both in Executive Coaching and my work with management teams. These materials span both well-thumbed articles that continue to add value, and newer thinking shared to expand and provoke our own.    

Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO by Ben Horowitz

While the notion of 'war time' versus 'peace time' leadership may be somewhat binary, the argument that different conditions, and stages of the growth cycle, require different leadership is sound. 


Dr Vivienne Ming: Mashing up tech for humans

The work that Dr. Ming is extremely relevant on a local level. With management team profiling and assessment fast becoming the norm in private equity, firms are in a strong position to be able to navigate trends in the data that tell them about the teams most likely to thrive and drive effective business performance.


What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means, by Carol Dweck

Dweck's work in growth mind-set is useful both from a coaching lens, but also when looking at the cultural element within a transformation journey. A short article that summarises the theory of Growth versus Fixed mindset. 


Building leaders at every level: A Leadership Pipeline by Stephen J. Drotter, Ram Charan, Ram Charan

Based on work originally done at General Electric in the 1970's which is referred to as ‘Critical Career Crossroads’ by Walter Mahler, and later expanded to and tested in more than 80 companies, Ram Charan, Stephen J. Drotter and James Noel developed a six-passage model for understanding the leadership requirements in organisations. They published the model in their 2000 book, “The Leadership Pipeline” which they revised in 2011. There is little new about this model, but its often an effective means of helping C-suite leaders in the mid-market anchor the challenge of stepping back, working through others and orchestrating cross functionally. 


Why People Believe in Their Leaders — or Not, by Chng, Kim, Gilbreath, and Andersson

Worth the longer read and useful for leaders focusing on their inspirational leadership capabilities. 


How the best acquirers excel at integration; by Rebecca Doherty, Oliver Engert and Andy West

Strategic acquisition is a go-to lever for value creation in the mid-market. At the same time, M&A is often a 'first time experience' for many mid-market CEO's and doing it successfully is both a science and an art. This article offers a practical perspective on how to optimise bolt on's and acquisitions. 


Managing with the Brain in Mind, by David Rock

I find it hard not to gush about Rock's SCARF model, relevant and practical as it is for leaders of portfolio companies. This neuroleadership model describes the social concerns that drive human behaviour:

  • Status: Our relative importance to others
  • Certainty: Our being able to predict the future
  • Autonomy: Our sense of control over events
  • Relatedness: Our sense of safety with others
  • Fairness: Our perception of fair exchanges between people

Leaders in high growth/ high transformation contexts have much to leverage in keeping these principles front of mind.